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Getting here

To reach the island, you’ll need a boat!

The crossing takes around an hour, taking you by the coastline of the Cap Sizun and the famous Pointe du Raz, which is Brittany’s version of Land’s End and is classed as a ‘Grand Site de France’. Then you’ll cross the waters of the Raz de Sein, where you might see fishermen bringing in line-caught seabass or, if you’re lucky, a few dolphins.

The boat crossings

Two boat companies cover the regular crossings from the mainland to the Île de Sein. ‘Penn ar Bed’ runs all year round, and ‘Finist'Mer’ runs from June to September.

Compagnie Penn ar Bed

Throughout the year, Penn ar Bed leaves from Sainte Evette quay just outside Audierne.

In summer, Penn ar Bed also offers crossings from Brest stopping at Camaret (this crossing takes 1½ hours instead of 1 hour leaving from Audierne).

Compagnie Finist'Mer

Finist'Mer only leaves from the Sainte Evette quay outside Audierne, and runs from the end of June to mid-September.


There is a taxi-boat service between Audierne and the Île de Sein throughout the year, but you need to book ahead.

For more information, contact ‘Farandole’ on +33 (0)6 63 89 20 24 ou +33 (0)6 68 02 77 15.


The companies listed above offer regular crossings to the island of Sein. Many options and packages are also available from other companies upon request, such as day trips and cruising around Sein.

Ask them for details of the different trips on offer for the island of Sein.

Audierne Yachting (from Audierne)

Voile Horizons (from Douarnenez)

Catavoile 29 (from Crozon-Morgat)

Getting to the departure ports

By car

Sainte Evette quay

This departure port is about 3km from the centre of Audierne. To get here, follow the signs to Audierne, then pass through the town, following the signs for ‘Embarcadère’ and ‘Sein’.


It is best to park in the ‘Parc à Chaînes’ car park (2 to 3 minutes’ walk from the departure quay, which is behind the ‘criée’ fish auction building). Please be aware that it might not be accessible during certain events.


There is a car park near the quay.

All these car parks are free, so make the most of them!

By bus

The buses and coaches of line 52 (Audierne-Douarnenez) and 52B (Quimper - Pointe du Raz) will take you to Sainte Evette port in Esquibien free of charge if you have a ticket for an imminent crossing.

To use this service, ask for a coupon when you book your crossing. If you’ve already paid for your bus ticket, you will be refunded 2€.


  • Bicycles are not allowed on Sein. You can only get around on foot.
  • Only dogs are allowed on a boat trip. They must be kept on a lead during the trip and on the island.
  • Arrive at your departure port at least 45 minutes before your crossing time, in order to have plenty of time to park your vehicle and to collect your ticket or boarding pass.
  • On the island, there are two departure points. Find out in advance which one will be used for the return trip.
  • There is no cash machine on the island but alternative solutions are available. You can withdraw money at "La Sénane" for example.

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